I kinda wanna get a tarot reading, just to see what it's like.

@Vivee you could always buy your own deck and try it yourself :blobcatcoffee:

@Vivee i find reading tarot spreads for myself very satisfying! much more personalized and engaging than a stranger trying to guess what's up in my life. it gets me to thinking more creatively how i can solve problems, or new ways of thinking about things.

i know that question was probably rhetorical but it merited a decent answer 👀


@Necromancer @Vivee Both can have good aspects. Despite my earlier jokey reply, having an outside perspective on what the cards are saying about you can be refreshing and give interesting insight you may not have thought of, and that can be helpful. Meanwhile, in my experience, reading my own can provide some quick feedback about something I’m feeling, and I can slot their answers in a very personal way into my inquiries.

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