yo peeps
I've moved to @wrenny
keep up with my shanigans as I continue to learn mastodon and shitpost

Just had a long talk with my manager about people in my life who haven't been treating me right
if you know me irl
You know which people im talking about
And I feel exhausted but it was a good conversation and I needed to hear it.

He ended the talk with "there's nothing you need to do in life besides breathe and keep going."

now I'm in my car crying
I'm just upset

not at my manager, just at the situation. I know what I need to do.

Honestly the only issue I have with Mastodon is that it feels harder to find accounts I'm interested in.

Update I might be walking with a pal in the rain, so now the sky will have to take both of us

Quick anxiety vent 

Fashion / Environment Vent 3/2 

Fashion / Environment Vent 2/2 

Fashion / Environment Vent 1/2 

the semester is wrapping up and it makes me feel like I'm being squished by a boulder.

Least I'm gonna see some rad peeps tonight.

I just want to play Minecraft and sip apple juice

My co worker really didn't like when I told her I only found out about Hard Times by paramore from Happy Death Day 2 U. I've never seen her disappointed so it was a first.

also lemme tell you, I really want to rewatch that movie because oml it's so absurb, like it's gonna be a cult classic I swear.

I got new boots!
once they arrive, I'mma stomp stomp stomp

Finally yeeted away from twitter
now to slowly delete and preserve tweets.

also if someone following me from a previous platform who follows me here. I'm non-binary, I go by wren.
don't deadname me :heart_nb:

i am very tired

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