Honestly the only issue I have with Mastodon is that it feels harder to find accounts I'm interested in.

Update I might be walking with a pal in the rain, so now the sky will have to take both of us

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the semester is wrapping up and it makes me feel like I'm being squished by a boulder.

Least I'm gonna see some rad peeps tonight.

I just want to play Minecraft and sip apple juice

My co worker really didn't like when I told her I only found out about Hard Times by paramore from Happy Death Day 2 U. I've never seen her disappointed so it was a first.

also lemme tell you, I really want to rewatch that movie because oml it's so absurb, like it's gonna be a cult classic I swear.

I got new boots!
once they arrive, I'mma stomp stomp stomp

Finally yeeted away from twitter
now to slowly delete and preserve tweets.

also if someone following me from a previous platform who follows me here. I'm non-binary, I go by wren.
don't deadname me :heart_nb:

i am very tired

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