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Hey everybody, I'm one of the exiled due to the . So here I am on Mastodon. Thought this Instance seemed nice. About me: I'm a 24 year old living in . I'll toot a more complete bio later. But I'm looking forward to getting a fresh start here and meeting new folks.

The ability to block is a beautiful thing. I can toot, yet the bothersome people I don't want to see it have just...disappeared.

Uninstall the Anxiety mod to become unstoppable

Gotta say, I'm enjoying how Mastodon seems to have significantly fewer truscum than Tumblr did.

It's a nice change to not be medicalized by 15 year olds.

satanic joke i guess. vent app. Show more

anticapitalist violence (i'm anticapitalist and i feel violent about it) Show more

Might get a job as a kindergarten teacher and if I do y’all best be sure ima infect them with the gay

A trait I find attractive in men Show more

U.S. #government #shutdown and #activism complaint Show more

I'm curious, where is everybody in our Instance from?

Be only as detailed as you want, obviously. I'm just curious generally.

I'm from the U.S., northeast Pennsylvania, specifically. Now I live in Philadelphia.

Lewd Show more

I'm tired of seeing puritans in my federated timeline... I think my mute button is going to wear out.

@byttyrs thank you for your offering of unwavering love and loyalty. Here is your reward, another picture:

Pic of snow outside my apt. In an alley at night Show more

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i am very tired

Welcome to! A little Mastodon instance for sleepy peeps, friends both old and new, and other decent folks, run by Jaxen Beaver.

This 18+ instance is meant to be a safe, friendly place for everyone to interact with each other without fear of trolling, antagonism, and discrimination. It's especially friendly for queer and trans individuals, and furries are also welcome!