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hi i’m new here i’m shiv i live in tokyo and i have no idea what’s going on. this is my cat Finn

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i can’t spell “restaurant” or “lieutenant” without looking em up first, but i can spell fhqwhgads and globglogabgalab first try every time

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Disabled people do not want your advice. Not even if you're clever. Not even if you're certain your advice will cure all of our problems. If we haven't asked for it, we don't want it.

Whatever you want to suggest, we have probably tried. We don't just sit at home and decide we're never going to try to get better. If your suggestion can be found after a cursory google search, we've tried it. If it is 'common sense', we've tried it.

Just stop. I'm so tired.

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Netflix made $845 million in profit and paid $0 in taxes. Never ever feel badly about sharing your account with your entire neighborhood.


I’m sorry about all the dad jokes but I’m very ready to be a dad

should I use this account for memes? I have so many...

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I didn't do that direct action on purpose

It was more of a praxident

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how to organize your workplace:
- ask your coworkers how much they make
- ask your coworkers what they would do if they didn't have to work all the time
- ask your coworkers how the workplace could be better
- arm your coworkers with kalashnikovs and balaclavas for the revolution

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for someone with a staggering array of possessions i really have no interest in collecting things

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Star Wars hot take 

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hi I’m new here. this is my first time trying out mastodon and chose this server because I am very very tired.

friend requests are welcome from anyone except nazis. not sure how active I’ll be here yet, but just wanted to say hi regardless

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ROAR: **The lost images of anarchist Barcelona**

"Re-discovered after 80 years, the photographic legacy of the CNT which brings the libertarian revolution in Barcelona back to live, is now exhibited for the first time."

#anarchism #bot

i am very tired

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