Commission for @agreaterpanda@twitter.com of him taking a little "ych" thing for a ride.

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NSFW, Size Difference, Transformation 

OOPS I transformed Deetz into a rat because I absolutely can

Designed a bull, their name is Oro.
Working out the other details.

The undies version, wearing the patented Hyper-Space™ trunks.


My new AD icon for the month, featuring a @Galeon_Art@twitter.com doing some hypno shenanis with the nuki

Tfw @MISTERSIXER@twitter.com and I have a son named Jamil.

Family photo

NSFW, Hyper, Extreme Size Difference, Royalty kink 

There's a hyperspace hole joke here somewhere.

Commission for @cherrydadgreg@twitter.com

NSFW, Extreme Size Difference, Hyper, Magic, Growth 

Jasper rubbing along their boyfriend @cherrydadgreg@twitter.com's meat with their magic hands, making it larger, thicker, fatter, more potent... It'll still fit, don't worry.

(the pre-amble to an upcoming commission)

NSFW, Size Difference, Professor/Student kink, Exhibitionism 

"Mx. Baasch... giving up your ass is not going to give you an A in my class, but I won't deny the offer.."

Oops, Prof. @JuliusUrsus@twitter.com is showing Jas that they can't take the easy way out like in the pornos

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i am very tired

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