NSFW, Size Difference, Small Dom 

Sometimes Jasper tries to be a little more dominant, as @Xander_Olivieri@twitter.com is being subject to.


Commission for @agreaterpanda@twitter.com of him taking a little "ych" thing for a ride.

NSFW, Size Difference, Transformation 

OOPS I transformed Deetz into a rat because I absolutely can

Designed a bull, their name is Oro.
Working out the other details.

The undies version, wearing the patented Hyper-Space™ trunks.


My new AD icon for the month, featuring a @Galeon_Art@twitter.com doing some hypno shenanis with the nuki

Tfw @MISTERSIXER@twitter.com and I have a son named Jamil.

Family photo

NSFW, Hyper, Extreme Size Difference, Royalty kink 

There's a hyperspace hole joke here somewhere.

Commission for @cherrydadgreg@twitter.com

NSFW, Extreme Size Difference, Hyper, Magic, Growth 

Jasper rubbing along their boyfriend @cherrydadgreg@twitter.com's meat with their magic hands, making it larger, thicker, fatter, more potent... It'll still fit, don't worry.

(the pre-amble to an upcoming commission)

NSFW, Size Difference, Professor/Student kink, Exhibitionism 

"Mx. Baasch... giving up your ass is not going to give you an A in my class, but I won't deny the offer.."

Oops, Prof. @JuliusUrsus@twitter.com is showing Jas that they can't take the easy way out like in the pornos

Zer0 HOUR, Fashion Design 

Bright Stars, Clear Skies
Constellation: Scutum, the Shield
Model: @/GenOttr

Fully designed Tiger Old!Jas (since he has the tiger stripes on his legs in his natural form)

NSFW, Size Difference, Breeding 

Jasper likes to get in Andrian's clothes, but sometimes the "Jasper Master" likes to take advantage of these kinds of close situations.

NSFW, Size Difference 

Pigs cum a lot, okay? Wanted to draw Jasper shooting it out because there's so much, he's embarrassed.

Koga may have tuckered him out.

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