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Remaking my intro post.

Hey guys, I'm Teodor, but I also go by Teddie and Jazz. I'm a 24yo nonbinary tanuki. I draw a bunch () and I love dancing, Shin Megami Tensei, JJBA, and MegaMan.

I'll accept Most™ follow requests that come my way, but please don't follow me if you are under 18, I do post NSFW content here.

I'm not the hardest person to talk to or get along with, and I definitely don't bite unless you want me to, so feel free to pop by at any time!

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my fursona, nudity 

Here's my fursona, a short tanuki by the name of Jalaal "Jasper" Thomas Baasch, Jr.

There's a lot goin on, but do take care of the lil guy, he's easily squeezed into submission uwu

Practicing again with particles and dynamic posing.

Magic Broken Jasper.


There's more to this image than meets the eye.

NSFW, Size Difference, Musk 

"You doing okay in there, bud?"

Self-indulgence 3.... Title Pending.

NSFW, Size Difference 

Self-indulgent porn 2: electric boogaloo.

(side note, his stubble is way more prominent in this one somehow??)

NSFW, Size Difference 

Self-indulgent porn woops.

Jasper, as he appears in Driftwood: A New Void, at age 105.


「顕現せよ、 トクガワ!」
("Manifest, Tokugawa!")

Aaaaaand the Persona thing is done! With Tokugawa and Teo standalones too

Non-sexual Nudity 

Commission for @/GaymingBear of a fursona for their friend.


Jax, miffed that his dick is hard again. Oh well, he'll just ignore it this time.


"Slow-- ffuck♥ down.. hh.."
"Shhhshhsh; s'okay Honeypot. Let Big Daddy take care o'ya.."

Just Jax showing his wife, Marya, a good time. He knows he's a lil on the thicker side of things but that doesn't mean she's not enjoying that.

NSFW, Size Difference, Rough 

"Just cause m'hair's long doesn't mean I can't see ya takin' m'beer!!"

Kurtis showing Jasper why they definitely shouldn't mess with the Big Boy's booze.


My new AD Icon starting in December. Just,, old Jasper but as a deer cause why not.

NSFW, Hyper, Stretching 

Jasper getting like stretch-stretched.

Ft. @/MISTERSIXER's croc dude Gumbo

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I am not -extremely- active here, most of my posts now are crossposts of my art or gameposts from :birdsite:

So like, in the off-chance you want to see me more regularly:

NSFW, Size Difference 

Proving why he's the "Jasper Master"

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