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Remaking my intro post.

Hey guys, I'm Teodor, but I also go by Teddie and Jazz. I'm a 25yo nonbinary tanuki. I draw a bunch () and I love dancing, Shin Megami Tensei, JJBA, and MegaMan.

I'll accept Most™ follow requests that come my way, but please don't follow me if you are under 18, I do post NSFW content here.

I'm not the hardest person to talk to or get along with, and I definitely don't bite unless you want me to, so feel free to pop by at any time!

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my fursona, nudity 

Here's my fursona, a short tanuki by the name of Jalaal "Jasper" Thomas Baasch, Jr.

There's a lot goin on, but do take care of the lil guy, he's easily squeezed into submission uwu

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Welp both my Twitter accounts were suspended so I guess they're done

I made a new one but it has to wait for access

ok there are:
- 4 bear kids
- 3 dog kids (1 is technically also cat)
- 1 koala kid
- 1 rat kid
- 1 pig kid

which means i need...
maybe a bull kid? maybe a dragon kid??? maybe a---

And you had -two- chances to get it right. TWO.

And that's the story of part of the reasons I have crippling anxiety and am constantly depressed feeling like nothing I ever do will make feel some form of self-worth because I have been battered down constantly.

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Your role as a parent is not to control your kid. They are not your property. They have autonomy and react to different situations and stimuli differently than you, and fucking them up because they're different than how you went through life is dumb as hell.

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If you actively chastise your kid for being more knowledgeable about something than you, shooting them down with empty arguments like "I'm older therefore I know more" or "I'm your parent therefore I know better" then you're simply lashing out feeling like you're not in control

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If you actively talk about doing underhanded shit, why do you then feel the need to chastise your kid for enacting that behavior. You didn't teach them that it was wrong, you talked about actively doing it.

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If you scraped by in a fucking class and you laugh about how you actually didn't try in that class, why do you then berate and chastise your kid for feeling similarly about a class they're in. They're getting it from you.

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The idea that parents have of berating and shitting on their kids' mental health because "You're supposed to be better than me" because you're the new generation of the family..

Doesn't fucking work while you're actively doing shit things.

If y'all wonder why I say my relationship with my mom is "better" but still talk about this shit and shitty things she does it's because spoilers: she's been way worse and even tried to k*ll me twice!! For no reason!!!!

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Me: goes to sleep because league stressed me out
My mom: comes into my room yelling at me for literally no reason

thinks about how Jasper still doesn't have a dozen kids because he is two short

Commission done and dusted for of four of his original characters known as "Wispurrs"

1: Darrell (He/Him)
2: Chiffon (They/Them)
3: Alpha-Z (He/Him)
4: Vira (She/Her)

are their names (I believe, I'll correct it if I'm wrong)

Why I decided to be an ADC player when ADCs get blamed for literally -everything- bad that happens in the game -ever- is beyond me.

Probably because Twitch jungle is just really hard to play now.

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My favorite thing about League of Legends is how a dude can do literally nothing on the map at all, but then blame me for the loss because I'm a fed ADC as if... League is not a team effort.

"Loft Music" was alright, and I don't even remember what "The Knowing" sounds like i'll be honest.

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i am very tired

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