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Remaking my intro post.

Hey guys, I'm Teodor, but I also go by Teddie and Jazz. I'm a 24yo nonbinary tanuki. I draw a bunch () and I love dancing, Shin Megami Tensei, JJBA, and MegaMan.

I'll accept Most™ follow requests that come my way, but please don't follow me if you are under 18, I do post NSFW content here.

I'm not the hardest person to talk to or get along with, and I definitely don't bite unless you want me to, so feel free to pop by at any time!

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my fursona, nudity 

Here's my fursona, a short tanuki by the name of Jalaal "Jasper" Thomas Baasch, Jr.

There's a lot goin on, but do take care of the lil guy, he's easily squeezed into submission uwu

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Also drew Jojo in their suit they wear when they're actually at the Three-Horns Joint for once.

Drew Duncas cause I hadn't done so this year yet.
They absolutely want some of those Sun Pears (aptly named cause they're grown in the Sunbreak Woods and they tend to be sweet)

They're their favorite.

Risk of Rain 

Also drew Jasper but as the same specie as Acrid.

Pandaren, OC 

This was my pandaren from when I actually played WoW, Roufu Ironbelly.


A birthday gift for a certain hybrid uwu

Doodled a Galahim on my phone.
(and because keeps thinking he's flexing, he is not, he's supposed to emulate leaning against something)

identity things 

A while back i mentioned starting to feel like i was projecting myself as an otter instead of a shiba and uh.. yea. I sketched it out on paper, but I've fully digitized it so! Yea.
Teodor (THEY/THEM)

Zer0 HOUR, fashion stuff 

Seasonal Set: Summer Visual
Model: Jalaal

decided to make them carmine instead of blue.

yarr de harr
i gotta use this place more

transformation, fursona things 

Oh, and here's that dragon i was talking about yesterday.

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NSFW, Musk, Size Difference 

September AD icon done! Featuring

me: i should use masto more again
also me: only really here in the dead of night


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NSFW, size difference, musk, hypno, royalty kink 

"Fresh enough for you, my King?"

I put's fat nuts here cause why not.

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i am very tired

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