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PSN: nookingtxn
SWITCH: 4868 5854 2773
Telegram: (DM me)
Discord: (DM me)
Twitter: pupperbutt
Steam: id/toofnclaw

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Remaking my intro post.

Hey guys, I'm Teodor, but I also go by Teddie and Jazz. I'm a 24yo nonbinary tanuki. I draw a bunch () and I love dancing, Shin Megami Tensei, JJBA, and MegaMan.

I'll accept Most™ follow requests that come my way, but please don't follow me if you are under 18, I do post NSFW content here.

I'm not the hardest person to talk to or get along with, and I definitely don't bite unless you want me to, so feel free to pop by at any time!

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my fursona, nudity 

Here's my fursona, a short tanuki by the name of Jalaal "Jasper" Thomas Baasch, Jr.

There's a lot goin on, but do take care of the lil guy, he's easily squeezed into submission uwu

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Fursona Ref, NSFW 

The NSFW versions! With sheathe and full erection.

Fursona Ref 

Did a minor update for Jasper's design (the scar is different and he has locks with bands)

There will be a follow-up with the NSFW ones.

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Irl nudes, nonbinary, butt, penis 

Anyways here's those nudes I mentioned posting. :0w0: :_gaysparkle: :_gaysparkle:

re: nudes 

damn i havent posted any in a real long time woops

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nsfw, extreme size difference, hyper, monster-ification 

Jasper may have overloaded the potion he made and it caused a -big- growth in a certain

Don't worry, as Jasper always says: "It'll fit," so he'll definitely be fine with that shoved in him.

I was asked during my PWYW Icon stream a while ago by to draw their sona in their wizard-y outfit so I did.

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My meat had not been beaten yet and I need it to be

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New sticker featuring cause reasons
(I have 10 of these stickers now...)


And the final nuki Transformation for my lovable horny pal Eddie! Don't mind him heftin up his chonk, he likes to tease sometimes.

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i am very tired

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