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i am especially tired today

no idea why

i got what felt like enough sleep

but man i just want to fall asleep for the rest of the day

Yay for Toot! sending notifications to my watch to let me know something was super wrong.

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I have suspended the domain for creating hundreds of accounts and spam-following everyone and creating a nuisance. You shouldn't get bothered by them anymore, sleepyheads.

Debating letting my lobes shrink down and going to big ol’ captive bead rings instead. I used to have small ones (which is why my sona has them) but got a wild hair and decided to stretch. But I have some nice plugs... 🤔

Offer of Help & Support & Info Re: Trans Experiences, Health & History 

HELLO FRIENDS. :transceiver: Please feel free to message me about anything you like. All questions are cool if asked in good faith.

(Minors: Some more explicit subjects will be off the table specifically for you, as a matter of necessity. Thank you for understanding.)

You can DM me here on Mastodon, or:
Telegram/Twitter/Instagram: @Beaveresque

You’re strong. You’re capable. You’re cool as hell. You got this. :trans:

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Offer of Help & Support & Info Re: Trans Experiences, Health & History 

— Curious about the pros/cons of different T delivery methods? (I’ve used shots, topical, and implants.)

— Curious about how a double-incision mastectomy looks after 13 years?

— Curious about how pretty much anything has played out for me personally as a trans dude in the past decade and a half?

— Just wanna chat about gender nonsense? Ask random questions? Wanna vent? Just want support from someone who can kinda relate?

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Offer of Help & Support & Info Re: Trans Experiences, Health & History 

Just throwing this out there, spurred by recent discussions.

Hi. I’m Jaxen. I’m trans, FTM.

I’m also relatively “old” by trans timeline standards — been at this gender stuff since 2005 when I was 23. On T since then. Top surgery 2006. Hysto 2010.

— Curious about coming out, trans rights, trans support, and trans healthcare “back in my day”?

— Curious about what it’s like a decade+ on T?

is there an updated "shitty instances to block" list? the last one i used, the admin was taking a break, i think

funny though, is that i was recognized as the admin of for the first time ever, at anthrocon this year

that was kinda neat

man oh manos the hands of fate, i have been so tired lately

man, if there’s anything I love more than a lack of answers, it’s complete non-answers

These two, and a pair of pants with arrows pointing in so many different directions saying “feet???” underneath em printed all over

Ideal outfit

Subtoot: I am not obligated to have cute chats with you anymore after you say something racist.

“No, I’m not high; why do you ask?” I reply as I stand naked in my kitchen at midnight, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly directly from the jars

tfw you can overhear your ancap husband in the other room loudly lecturing his friends on discord about how countries with socialized medicine can only do so because the u.s. subsidizes their militaries


Gay-owned furniture store idea:

Home O’ Sectionals

The past two weeks have been super stressful for work

Manager: i need you to take on this huge project to appease these customers because we horribly broke the software with the latest service pack
Me: ok
Manager, later: why haven't you been taking calls from the queue, you need to pull your weight
Me: i haven't had a lunch break in a week and a half
Manager: calls calls numbers numbers
Me: i'm very hungry
Manager: Q U E U E

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i am very tired

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