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ayyyy, look who finally updated their reference sheet after like four years

You ever get a word/phrase stuck in your head, kind of like getting a song stuck in there, but it's just words from a thing?

Okay, the makeover is complete, I think. Please let me know if anything looks wonky, and I'll see if I can figure out what the heck to do to fix it. Thankya!

Hello sleepy friends of please excuse the wild color changes you're seeing on the site. I'm attempting to customize our CSS, and it's gonna be weird for a little while. :P

$434.80 / $1000 !!

I'm raising money for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando PAWS IN THE PARK charity event!

The PAGO provides shelter and vet services for homeless animals, and has done so for over 80 YEARS, all 100% non-profit, relying on the donations from awesome folks like YOU.

Give the critters a hand! Please donate!

Provide proof of a $25 (or more) donation, and I'll send you a pack of 5 Fluffbutt Trading Cards! :O

Please boost! Thanks! :annoyingdog:

family, politics, worry 

So while I have been distracted, have any new and good Mastodon mobile apps popped up? Especially for iOS?

@jaxen Additionally, if you run into any posts or accounts that don’t belong here, please report them so I can address them as needed! Thankya!

Oh hey, I just realized that all the β€œfollows” I’m getting are because people are actually making accounts on! Heck! Your admin is slow to catch on!

WELCOME to everyone who joined. Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct and be cool.

Getting a lot of follows today! Hello! Hi!

(did someone tag me in something? mass tumblr exodus and people need to get their fill of marginally funny large rodents?)

mh (-)

Heck, I'm an affiliate now, I should probably do the streamings, eh?

depression, adhd, meds 

depression, adhd, meds 

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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i am very tired

Welcome to! A little Mastodon instance for sleepy peeps, friends both old and new, and other decent folks, run by Jaxen Beaver.

This 18+ instance is meant to be a safe, friendly place for everyone to interact with each other without fear of trolling, antagonism, and discrimination. It's especially friendly for queer and trans individuals, and furries are also welcome!