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hnnn gotta decide where to have breakfast
so hungr
last meal I can expense to work for this conference, gotta make it a good one

well it's certainly easy to stay away from :birdsite: when the app crashes immediately upon opening

being back in the main office this week has reinforced just how goddamned awkward i am

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random art again~

zenzi zizz
chua who could likely kick your ass despite being like 3'10"

so it's been a hot minute

any new and cool apps out there?

tried amaroq and tootdon already

sext: you tease my bang section...i secure my braid

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y’all tooting about brunch, i’m just here having starbucks by myself

sext: i desperately drain my ham drippings while it heats while you soak your ham before heating it

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i am very tired

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