@dublynwilde I have thus avoided this by being in Orlando. Cons: instead of beach candy, we have the I-4 Eyesore

@masklayer ah yes

iamveryti.red: now with brown and other more different brown

i go one day
without washing my lack-of-hair

and i itch like a thousand ants are taking up residence on my head

@TyTheCat Oh lordy, I am not clicking that link because the comments are guaranteed to be a shit quagmire

@sarathsaas Agreed! I love that our feed is truly at our discretion, and not force fed ads and other people’s likes and follows, and is in proper chronological order.

James T. Kirk: pan switch

Jean-Luc Picard: bossy bottom

Kathryn Janeway: The Best Domme You've Ever Had

Benjamin Sisko: really good at quickies

Jonathan Archer: Scott Bakula


Have you donated money towards ALS in honour of our pal @dogbomb1@twitter.com? Great! Save those receipts, and let @QuotationMarkBB@twitter.com and @BoozyBadger@twitter.com know! They're tracking money raised by the furry community and will do something epic once $20K has been raised!

Heck! Y'all, iamveryti.red has popped over 200 users. Neat!

Thank you all for being part of this instance! :heart_sparkles_pride:


Please consider donating if you're able to. Doesn't matter how big or small it is.

We have a new doggo~

She's a young German Shepherd named Jazzy and she's such a sweetie. Very chill for the most part, though a little barky when someone approaches who she doesn't really know, or she hears people moving around and she doesn't know who it is yet. But that's okay, she settles down pretty quickly once she knows it's all good.

Pics to come~

@Necromancer @Vivee Both can have good aspects. Despite my earlier jokey reply, having an outside perspective on what the cards are saying about you can be refreshing and give interesting insight you may not have thought of, and that can be helpful. Meanwhile, in my experience, reading my own can provide some quick feedback about something I’m feeling, and I can slot their answers in a very personal way into my inquiries.

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@Vivee Well, it can go one of two ways:

1. Someone who goes way overboard on the mystical magical woo atmosphere tries to make your reading super ominous and/or prophetic, and plays it up for dramatic effect, tells you 'the spirits' say an aunt will die soon
2. Someone in canvas shorts and a tee, who has about fifty different tarot decks scattered around their house with too many succulents in it, says the universe wants you to stop looking like a slob and then maybe you'll find love

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i am very tired

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