@cutelittleredhead I come from Irish and French ancestry, so I’m just short of that level of burn. Gotta have all the SPFs...

@cutelittleredhead Sure does, especially as a lunar-pale person like me!

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@torideer Seems like the antithesis to OK GO’s “The House Wins”

(Though it is a good song, it is extremely pessimistic, and written when Damien Kulash was deeply depressed and contemplating suicide.)

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@Proxy It is hopelessly silly, while at the same time being remarkably positive about self-love in the absence of sexual partners. Zero lamenting, all celebration! (And it is catchy as hell. You can’t dance to it and remain sad; it’s scientifically proven* to be impossible.)

Ninja Sex Party - Orgy for One

* not actually scientifically proven

@scoots I remember when it happened in the 90s too. Co-opted by pop culture in movies like The Craft and painted as an edgy goth fashion statement or teenage make-believe nonsense.


The camera in the original KH is the reason I couldn’t get very far into it. I got to...Alice? I don’t even remember. But it made me very motion sick.

My motion sickness sensitivity prohibits me from playing a whole slew of games because of either being in first-person, or having wonky/sluggish/manual cameras. It sucks. :(

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Anyone else get profoundly sad when listening to a playlist, and a song comes on by artists who died too young? I love the Traveling Wilburys so much, but it's tough to listen and not think about George Harrison and Tom Petty being gone. Even Roy Orbison (52 when he died in '88).

@Kabit I’ve tried a half dozen different apps, and they are all *almost* there, but leave out some component that would make them a fully realized application.

@RainbowRodent Okay, time to get in the zone, get down to business, and get working on this art. Focused and serious.
[fires up Ninja Sex Party playlist]

Going back to Amaroq, I think. Toot! was aesthetically nice, but the lack of ability to re-hide content warnings and lack of access to admin/mod functions kind of killed it for me.

@XerxesQados My husband once had a friend/coworker drunkenly say something remarkably similar: “You buttered your bed, now sleep in it.”

possums (and rodents) wearing glasses boost if you agree

@Lunostophiles WoW used that joke in a quest in the Goblin starter area in Cataclysm, and it confirmed my love for gobbos.

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