I'm just gonna...throw away all my HP books. I don't even remember if I bought them or not. Doesn't matter. They don't belong in my home, either way.

birdsite link to get upset about 

@pandora_parrot Oh phew, you weren't talking about Dan Rather. Had me worried there.

@kd I'm originally from northern Vermont. I moved to Ogden, UT (2,274 mi/3,659 km) for a couple years in the early '00s, then back to VT. Now I live in Orlando, FL (1,407 mi/2,264 km).

Sorry I've been fairly quiet here on Mastodon. It's been a...time.

But I figure I'd pop on to remind you that racists and their ilk are not welcome on iamveryti.red, and black lives matter.

Also, ACAB.

Have a nice day!
(unless you're a cop)

ADMIN: kiwifarms[dot]cc domain permanently blocked from federation.

@kamiten If you'd like a nice autumn con to fill in that time of the year, I highly recommend Anthro Southeast in Chattanooga, the last weekend of October. (Halloween weekend in 2020!) It was extremely enjoyable!

@byttyrs My husband has declareded my frosty rump as the "frozen beaver ass".

@kamiten I feel I made the right decision by sitting it out this year.

@roxy Ends up it's Goathole who put that nonsense together, which sadly makes a lot of sense. AltFurry booted him for being too much, and that says something.

Furry fandom is getting to where you can log in and be like "hey guys I'm gay and trans" and you'll get like 50 "hell yea"s and that's the furry fandom I wanna be in

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Android users: What is your preferred Mastodon app?

Admin Stuff: Trending hashtags have been enabled. I’m letting all hashtags sail through without review, but if you see one that is objectionable, please let me know!

Okay, I fixed it! It involves deleting the emote and reuploading it with a new shortname. Pretty annoying. I'd love it if the shortnames could be edited from within the admin UI.

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POLL TIME! :thonking:

Residents of iamveryti.red:

Do you want to see the "trending hashtags" section on our instance?

Hey there sleepy peeps: iamveryti.red now has emoji categories to make finding the perfect shitposting components easier!

The only weird thing that I need to figure out is that the Baba Is Emote section is reusing shortcodes for generic emoji and not displaying the correct Baba images. I'm trying to find out how to change the shortcode on an existing emoji to fix this.

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i am very tired

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