Admin Stuff: Trending hashtags have been enabled. I’m letting all hashtags sail through without review, but if you see one that is objectionable, please let me know!

Okay, I fixed it! It involves deleting the emote and reuploading it with a new shortname. Pretty annoying. I'd love it if the shortnames could be edited from within the admin UI.

POLL TIME! :thonking:

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Do you want to see the "trending hashtags" section on our instance?

Hey there sleepy peeps: now has emoji categories to make finding the perfect shitposting components easier!

The only weird thing that I need to figure out is that the Baba Is Emote section is reusing shortcodes for generic emoji and not displaying the correct Baba images. I'm trying to find out how to change the shortcode on an existing emoji to fix this.

@Crioh It is super fun! I am also not that good at it, lol. But keep hammering away at it and you’ll get better, and get diamonds to open permanent unlocks which make the game easier as you go. The music is so good, I haven’t minded playing the first stages a bajillion times.

Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Hey friends who are a masto : Is there a way to shut off these new constant emails about approving ?

@jordyd @peptostate

Take down me (take down me)
Take me down (take down me)
Take me down
Take me doooooown

Admin Note:
Suspended domain due to having an abundance of gab and spinster federated content

I can’t tell if having a bunch of plants in my room and having the windows open is helping my mood, or it’s because houseplants are a new hyperfixation assuaging my need for a new thing to obsess over

mff, Milo Y., Proud Boys, praxis 

Midwest Furfest, milo yiannopoulos, birdsite link 

Midwest Furfest, milo yiannopoulos, birdsite link 

@Alamantus Do you have a Lane Bryant nearby? I used to work at one when I was younger, and they were fairly accommodating of a variety of sizes while still being pretty stylish. Their clothing is designed for women who are not pencil-shaped.

🔴 raw emoji ore, ready for chiseling into a ❤️ for mufos and friends

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i am very tired

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