Hi friends! We're still raising money for homeless pets! We're a little under halfway to our charity goal to help the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando; think we can get to over 50% by the new year? Please donate!

The PAGO provides shelter and veterinary services to homeless animals, and have been doing so for over 80 YEARS! And they do it 100% funded by donations from awesome people like YOU.

Donate to help shelter pets!

Shramp arrived. They are miraculously all alive after day 6 in transit. Yikes.

No shrimp friends again today. In transit in a bag of water packed in a box for five days. No updated estimated delivery day. Oof.

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The cherry shrimp I bought for my 5g aquarium have been in USPS possession for four days and tracking does not say anything about delivery today. Estimated delivery was yesterday.

I am going to be opening a box of dead shrimp when they get here, for sure.

That's What I Call Originals

Watercolor - Owl, Peacock, All Might (My Hero Academia)

Size 4x6 (5x7 frame size)

$55 Each + shipping ($5 off for #ANE2019 pre-order)
Email NightlineZart@gmail.com to inquire!

"alone in the house with nobody around but the dog" weirdness of the day: quietly reading the names of aquatic plants aloud in a Morgan Freeman voice

@tiff AHA! There's status.status-direct, but there's also status.status-direct.status-reply, and the latter is what I was missing. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

@tiff Hmm. I thought I'd tried that one, but it might have been something else. Let me see what happens when I tinker...

Hey admins who have custom to make your instance pretty: what is the element/div/whatever I need to specify for direct messages appearing on the Notification column?

They're still appearing in the default grey, and I can't figure out from the F12 source console on my browser what I need to put into my Franken-CSS to make it match my instance theme. I've managed to sleuth out pretty much everything else.

So this new is one of those really nice rimless dealies with minimal silicone and quality glass and stuff, so I'm gonna try doing up a nice planted tank again, now that I'm a little better informed after some false starts. CO2! Ferts! Actual carpeting plants that don't die after a week! It's gonna happen!

Aahhh. ADHD meds have been refilled, and I feel like a functional person again. Mostly.

Great list; thank you for putting it together! Got a recommendation of my own as well!

youtube.com/entobird - Nasi/Entobird, NB, queer, furry, does cute and informative nature biology videos in the "Diversity of Life" series, lil bit of gaming, and some furry content. Overall lovely person.

For more mainstream channels, Game Grumps are very conscientious and queer-supportive, and have become moreso over time. I give them kudos for learning & growing if informed of missteps.

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