@QuestForTori There are like...tube things you can attach to the wall to run cables through. You can get them in white or off white and they’re paintable. Most hardware stores have them, or you can get them online.

FLO confusion/negativity 

@Draco_Fenris @Duende Venthas has been extraordinarily responsive on the Feedback forum regarding suggestions and implementing things in as timely a manner as possible. Through continued constructive feedback, we can help shape and prioritize features on the site.

Or we can go "this site sux, bye" and go back to to FA. 🤷

Euphoria (original ink and acrylic piece) is now up in the shop for sale!

Get this special original for your home here~

Hello, masto pals~

Today, my brother is doing a special 8-hour fundraising stream to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

He's doing it for our mom, as well as our aunt and uncle -- and for everyone else who has had it, has it, or may have it in the future. It's a cause that's very personal to us.

Consider hanging out, spreading the word, donating, or otherwise boosting the cause. (He's a very talented musician, come be entertained!)

Oops, stayed up until 4am reminiscing about high school extracurriculars with a friend

@cerena Hello, and welcome! We're a small instance, but we federate with some good folks, so definitely check out the Local and Federated timelines!

If you need anything, just let me know. 👍

🎨COMMISSIONS R OPEN! +Floppy disk badges!🎨
Open until 7/15 or filled~

✨💿DISCOUNT THEME IS Y2K/2000s Aesthetic! 10% off Y2K themed Flats!💿✨

5 standard/5 discount theme
10 💾Badge

Plz check out the form 4 more info + larger samples!
Form: forms.gle/AV4EaXV3Cz83bgvG7

:trans: :trans: :trans:
Furaffinity: furaffinity.net/user/nightline
Twitter: twitter.com/Nightlinez
Patreon: patreon.com/NightlineZ
Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/nightlinez

Got a new Huion tablet, but had to get an HDMI splitter because my PC only has one HDMI port. Womp. Maybe I should look at a second graphics adapter so I can have more concurrent monitors that don't share a connection.

Whoever was anonymous lovely person who contributed to the iamveryti.red server upkeep ko-fi, thank you so much! <3

I'm just gonna...throw away all my HP books. I don't even remember if I bought them or not. Doesn't matter. They don't belong in my home, either way.

birdsite link to get upset about 

@pandora_parrot Oh phew, you weren't talking about Dan Rather. Had me worried there.

@kd I'm originally from northern Vermont. I moved to Ogden, UT (2,274 mi/3,659 km) for a couple years in the early '00s, then back to VT. Now I live in Orlando, FL (1,407 mi/2,264 km).

Sorry I've been fairly quiet here on Mastodon. It's been a...time.

But I figure I'd pop on to remind you that racists and their ilk are not welcome on iamveryti.red, and black lives matter.

Also, ACAB.

Have a nice day!
(unless you're a cop)

ADMIN: kiwifarms[dot]cc domain permanently blocked from federation.

@kamiten If you'd like a nice autumn con to fill in that time of the year, I highly recommend Anthro Southeast in Chattanooga, the last weekend of October. (Halloween weekend in 2020!) It was extremely enjoyable!

@byttyrs My husband has declareded my frosty rump as the "frozen beaver ass".

@kamiten I feel I made the right decision by sitting it out this year.

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i am very tired

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