Hi friends! We're still raising money for homeless pets! We're a little under halfway to our charity goal to help the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando; think we can get to over 50% by the new year? Please donate!

The PAGO provides shelter and veterinary services to homeless animals, and have been doing so for over 80 YEARS! And they do it 100% funded by donations from awesome people like YOU.

Donate to help shelter pets!

The gups and snails have been relocated 👍

ayyyy, look who finally updated their reference sheet after like four years

$434.80 / $1000 !!

I'm raising money for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando PAWS IN THE PARK charity event!

The PAGO provides shelter and vet services for homeless animals, and has done so for over 80 YEARS, all 100% non-profit, relying on the donations from awesome folks like YOU.

Give the critters a hand! Please donate!

Provide proof of a $25 (or more) donation, and I'll send you a pack of 5 Fluffbutt Trading Cards! :O

Please boost! Thanks! :annoyingdog:

and here are the bizarre fruits of tonight's steam


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random art again~

zenzi zizz
chua who could likely kick your ass despite being like 3'10"

the snail party continues to grow in absurdity

Looks like I have a hybrid guppy/endler starting to show some colors. I wasn’t sure if they really would cross-breed, but it looks like that’s the case.

Photos are a normal endler male, the likely guppy mom, and the hybrid. (Photographing fish is hard af)

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i am very tired

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