I can’t tell if having a bunch of plants in my room and having the windows open is helping my mood, or it’s because houseplants are a new hyperfixation assuaging my need for a new thing to obsess over

Oh hey... I wonder when @tootapp added this? Nicely done!

(Though as an admin I’ll be leaving it off so I can catch naughties)

Offer of Help & Support & Info Re: Trans Experiences, Health & History 

Just throwing this out there, spurred by recent discussions.

Hi. I’m Jaxen. I’m trans, FTM.

I’m also relatively “old” by trans timeline standards — been at this gender stuff since 2005 when I was 23. On T since then. Top surgery 2006. Hysto 2010.

— Curious about coming out, trans rights, trans support, and trans healthcare “back in my day”?

— Curious about what it’s like a decade+ on T?

man, if there’s anything I love more than a lack of answers, it’s complete non-answers

Heck! Y'all, iamveryti.red has popped over 200 users. Neat!

Thank you all for being part of this instance! :heart_sparkles_pride:

Looks like something's real fuckled with tonight.

can't log in, can't see anything.

Just finished this duder yesterday and shipped him off to my brother. Now working on mine. Got a fun thing in the works. Keep an eye out~

‪Hey, I’m technically still in time for in some time zones!‬

‪Now where’s that Yule log? I’m feeling a bit peckish...‬

Hi friends! We're still raising money for homeless pets! We're a little under halfway to our charity goal to help the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando; think we can get to over 50% by the new year? Please donate!

The PAGO provides shelter and veterinary services to homeless animals, and have been doing so for over 80 YEARS! And they do it 100% funded by donations from awesome people like YOU.

Donate to help shelter pets!

ayyyy, look who finally updated their reference sheet after like four years

$434.80 / $1000 !!

I'm raising money for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando PAWS IN THE PARK charity event!

The PAGO provides shelter and vet services for homeless animals, and has done so for over 80 YEARS, all 100% non-profit, relying on the donations from awesome folks like YOU.

Give the critters a hand! Please donate!

Provide proof of a $25 (or more) donation, and I'll send you a pack of 5 Fluffbutt Trading Cards! :O

Please boost! Thanks! :annoyingdog:

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i am very tired

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