Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Had a long-overdue conversation w/ non-ace husband about how my grey-aceness affects him. I broached the subject of opening things up so he can “play” with others who can address his needs in ways I can’t. He’d actually had a positive experience w/ a relationship like that in the past (he and partner were bi) and was familiar and open to such an arrangement. Weirdly, that is a big relief to me; he can get his needs met, and I don’t feel like I’m depriving him.

Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Our conversation reinforced my belief that we have nothing to worry about as far as remaining close as a couple; he was very clear that he understood the boundaries of the matter — not an opening to a polycule, not an opening to form romantic relationships, be careful about choosing partners to avoid awkward entanglement, keep communication super open, be safe.

Good, good.

He also said “fair’s fair” and that I could play with others too. So there’s that, lol.

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Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

So I guess I’m in an “open marriage” now? I feel really good about things, which is so funny to me. Gladly cheering my husband on to go find some nice dicks and have a good time, lol.

And now I have opportunities too, which is kind of exciting? I may be a flavor of ace but that greyness does come into play and I have my moments. It feels strangely positive that we can go do our respective thing, and come back to each other at the end of the day strong as ever.

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