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Heck, I'm an affiliate now, I should probably do the streamings, eh?

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depression, adhd, meds Show more

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

being an adult means getting unreasonably excited when the delivery package with your new sonicare toothbrush in it arrives

and here are the bizarre fruits of tonight's steam


Okay, let's try this streaming dealio. Been a while, but I think this'll work!

gonna do an art stream in a little over an hour. been a long time! let's see if I can get my ipad to play nice with obs and picarto

i know it's an event and all

but can we have fewer of these garbage douche hat pikachus all over the place please

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hnnn gotta decide where to have breakfast
so hungr
last meal I can expense to work for this conference, gotta make it a good one

well it's certainly easy to stay away from :birdsite: when the app crashes immediately upon opening

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i am very tired

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