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Offer of Help & Support & Info Re: Trans Experiences, Health & History 

Just throwing this out there, spurred by recent discussions.

Hi. I’m Jaxen. I’m trans, FTM.

I’m also relatively “old” by trans timeline standards — been at this gender stuff since 2005 when I was 23. On T since then. Top surgery 2006. Hysto 2010.

— Curious about coming out, trans rights, trans support, and trans healthcare “back in my day”?

— Curious about what it’s like a decade+ on T?

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Hello sleepy types! At this point, our instance is 3/4 full. In order to accommodate more people now that Tumblr is kaput, I'll need to bump up my hosting plan.

If you enjoy your time here, please consider helping with these increased hosting costs:

💤 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

Thank you for being a part of this instance! Y'all are great!

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Big Ol' Introduction Post! 

Okay! ? Here's an .

Middle aged man. married to a cis guy.

and learning how to deal with it. Also . Treated for both.

, have a of my : a ! I always hit & , and sometimes & .

I make sometimes, mostly and furry.

Other interests:

Euphoria (original ink and acrylic piece) is now up in the shop for sale!

Get this special original for your home here~

Hello, masto pals~

Today, my brother is doing a special 8-hour fundraising stream to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

He's doing it for our mom, as well as our aunt and uncle -- and for everyone else who has had it, has it, or may have it in the future. It's a cause that's very personal to us.

Consider hanging out, spreading the word, donating, or otherwise boosting the cause. (He's a very talented musician, come be entertained!)

Oops, stayed up until 4am reminiscing about high school extracurriculars with a friend

🎨COMMISSIONS R OPEN! +Floppy disk badges!🎨
Open until 7/15 or filled~

✨💿DISCOUNT THEME IS Y2K/2000s Aesthetic! 10% off Y2K themed Flats!💿✨

5 standard/5 discount theme
10 💾Badge

Plz check out the form 4 more info + larger samples!

:trans: :trans: :trans:

Got a new Huion tablet, but had to get an HDMI splitter because my PC only has one HDMI port. Womp. Maybe I should look at a second graphics adapter so I can have more concurrent monitors that don't share a connection.

Whoever was anonymous lovely person who contributed to the server upkeep ko-fi, thank you so much! <3

I'm just gonna...throw away all my HP books. I don't even remember if I bought them or not. Doesn't matter. They don't belong in my home, either way.

Sorry I've been fairly quiet here on Mastodon. It's been a...time.

But I figure I'd pop on to remind you that racists and their ilk are not welcome on, and black lives matter.

Also, ACAB.

Have a nice day!
(unless you're a cop)

ADMIN: kiwifarms[dot]cc domain permanently blocked from federation.

Furry fandom is getting to where you can log in and be like "hey guys I'm gay and trans" and you'll get like 50 "hell yea"s and that's the furry fandom I wanna be in

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Android users: What is your preferred Mastodon app?

Admin Stuff: Trending hashtags have been enabled. I’m letting all hashtags sail through without review, but if you see one that is objectionable, please let me know!

Okay, I fixed it! It involves deleting the emote and reuploading it with a new shortname. Pretty annoying. I'd love it if the shortnames could be edited from within the admin UI.

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POLL TIME! :thonking:

Residents of

Do you want to see the "trending hashtags" section on our instance?

Hey there sleepy peeps: now has emoji categories to make finding the perfect shitposting components easier!

The only weird thing that I need to figure out is that the Baba Is Emote section is reusing shortcodes for generic emoji and not displaying the correct Baba images. I'm trying to find out how to change the shortcode on an existing emoji to fix this.

Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

So I guess I’m in an “open marriage” now? I feel really good about things, which is so funny to me. Gladly cheering my husband on to go find some nice dicks and have a good time, lol.

And now I have opportunities too, which is kind of exciting? I may be a flavor of ace but that greyness does come into play and I have my moments. It feels strangely positive that we can go do our respective thing, and come back to each other at the end of the day strong as ever.

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Sex, Grey-Ace, Open Marriage? (+++) 

Our conversation reinforced my belief that we have nothing to worry about as far as remaining close as a couple; he was very clear that he understood the boundaries of the matter — not an opening to a polycule, not an opening to form romantic relationships, be careful about choosing partners to avoid awkward entanglement, keep communication super open, be safe.

Good, good.

He also said “fair’s fair” and that I could play with others too. So there’s that, lol.

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i am very tired

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