Word to the wise... DO NOT watch food reviews at 4am unless you can actually eat something. I'm super hungry! Argh!!!

I successfully dualbooted Win7 with Ubuntu last night... I have the same wallpaper on both.. I'm not obsessed with the 11th dr on DW.

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For those curious about how tall Mega-Sylveon is compared to a regular Sylveon 🎀🎗

#nintendo #pokemon #sylveon #art #megaevolution

Had a horrible dream that Coll moved to Halsey. Good God... DX

I'm in my and I'm letting this d/l run.... I'm zonked. Night y'all!

I need to get to bed soon... I think I'll crash at 10. I want to have some fun on this mastodon instance. I'm also waiting on a d/l soooo..... Oh, and this is my header image.. it got kind of cut off. Isn't that cute?

@jaxen My mother loved Janis Joplin, and I love Buddy Holly.. it is sad that these very talented musicians were taken too soon.

My name is Sam, and I'm a natural redhead. (Hence the nickname) I like , , and .

Add me if you want, mmkay? I don't bite ... hard. ^_~

i am very tired

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