So, I'm in the bathroom at work and this lady is just talking to her self having some hell of a time. I think she shit on the toilet seat. Anyway, she sighed and said, "This is why you'll never get married." O.O

Scouting For Girls is a great band. And this song is a big work mood.

i want to thank anna for providing everyone with a textbook example of DARVO. it's a great service she's providing, showing everyone exactly what this technique of abusers, gaslighters, and general assholes looks like.

Took this. Got a fucking 2. That seems really good, but that shit can not be healthy if it's that low! Right?

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

26% done with my reading goal for the year. Isn't that just the most depressing thing you've heard? I'm that bored.

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i am very tired

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