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A clockwork construct discovered that there was far more advanced technology than what he was created using. He touched the pizza symbol. Sadly, no pizza materialized. He questioned why he needed to eat in the first place.

it makes sense. they all hate the one guy that wants to kill all the monsters? yeah fucking right. no way in hell none of those ass holes played undertale

Horses aren't real. They're a myth perpetuated by the goverment to keep us content with our lack of hovercars. Wake up sheeple!

Here are ALL the CharaSelect Icons I've done over the past month and a half!

If you want to get one, and want to support me making a game, please check out my Patreon! You get to see Lance spin, and everyone loves that I think. Thank you 🧡

Here is a CharaSelect Icon I did for SilentTreetops on Twitter!!

my friends were joking that I don't actually sleep which is why I look permanently tired and I was gonna make a rebuttal but it's true and once again I'm up at 0100 because I got distracted.

"I'm a member of the midnight crew" just started playing and I feel mocked.

Just found one of my professors’ twitter accounts where she’s sharing clips of her owning people in Overwatch and just having a good time. don’t worry Professor ———- Secret’s Safe with me...

@gayalien you could see a full size human woman kiss sonic and think "this is the peak of culture" and now it's who can own sonic the best. it's bullshit, im going to go fish for 8 hours in sonic adventure

would you rather have a million dollars or a penny that doubles in size every day

look I know I'm not the first nor the last to say it, but Kingdom Hearts 2 but you play as Roxas for the whole time

I had this idea for a grown up Tails that I couldn't shake, so here he is

This cinco de mayo, instead of bastardizing and co-opting mexican culture so that you can black out on tequila. Please know that May 5th is also national awareness day for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. 4 out of 5 (around 84%) of native women experience abuse in their lifetimes.
Native women are 10 times (1000%) more likely to be murdered or go missing and never found than any other group in America. So, please, wear red, post about it, talk to people you know. Weliweni.

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i am very tired

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