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If you feel like you're not enough, remember the universe has no expectations or requirements of you. 💖

Before you start your day, try to make a list of the 3 most important things to focus on that day.

Baby steps are still steps.

Praise yourself for taking one.

👉 Try this 👈

1. Find the largest item (or widest mess) out of place.

2. Do just that one task knowing that it is enough.

3. After you are finished, if you feel okay enough, try to clean 1 square foot of space.

4. Continue cleaning, around that spot as long as you are comfortable.

5. No matter how much you did, you have set a measurable goal and accomplished a task! Be proud of yourself for taking action. 😌

If clutter or untidyness stresses you but cleaning it is overwhelming, putting just 1 item away can make a big impact on your levels. 🧘‍♂️

If you feel guilt, you are sorry.
If you are sorry, you can forgive.

Absolve yourself as you would a good friend who feels the same amount of guilt.

You are not a bad person
Just because you have done bad things.
To realize the action was bad,
And try to do better
Is enough.

You are enough.

Chocolate Lullaby - Music Video

Super satisfying liquid macro visuals

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