So my town is doing a potato giveaway. Basically, some of the potatoes that farmers are throwing away, the town has seized and is giving out for free. There's a line (literally) a mile long. America doesn't have breadlines. We have potato lines.

Also, in context, I'm in a part of Idaho that mainly grows wheat, but does have some potato crops. Rather than cutting prices for food, the grocery stores are just... Not restocking on a lot of stuff, including potatoes. So the farmers are just having to through them away because they can't sell them to grocery stores.

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So this is literally people who can't afford to buy potatoes waiting in line to pick up potatoes that without government intervention would have been thrown away because a megacorporation can't make enough profit on them.

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@ALWETP I feel like this proves that in America we don't have bread lines, we have starvation. We don't have rationing, we just have waste. We don't actually do a better job of feeding our people than so-called "communist" countries.

@ActNebbish bingo. Breadlines are the solution to the problem capitalism created. And they have been in every implementation.

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