Tired: "men are too emotional to be leaders." *replicates the sexist assumption that unemotionality is always a superior trait and is inherently associated with dominance/authority.*

Wired: "Men aren't emotional enough to be leaders." *Hot take. Asserts the value of traits devalued by patriarchy. Radically re-envisions what leadership ought to look like. Doesn't throw men who experience positive emotions intensely under the bus for being insufficiently "in-control" (read: masculine).*

@ActNebbish i am eternally floored by men claiming they are "in-control" when what they really mean is they are scared and angry and they need people not to challenge them right now. that's not being "unemotional" that's literally just being in-denial about one's own emotions and pushing the labor of dealing with it onto everyone around them

@ActNebbish I believe this may be true. Empathy, and noncompetitive cooperation, and communication. Men have historically been very poor at it, and look where it has got us as a species.

@SporkyDorky oh my god, I - I hadnt realized. What if you hadn't said anything, then a man - im literally shankingf while i type - a man might have been ... Not chosen for something.

I hadn't even thought about the cobsequences of my actions. I am now goi g to jump into the sea to end sexism against the most historically oppressed group: men.

It's okay to be mean and generalize a whole group of people if you are you. No need to be extreme

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i am very tired

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