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I'm more capable in person of staying on a single topic for more than five minutes than my toots make me seem.

Not much though. :|

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I have a great idea for a DnD character.

She's 5' nothing, 120lbs soaking wet, wears the biggest and fluffiest dresses coated in pink and pastels and little cartoon stars and hearts. She's very giggly and sparkly.

She's also a Barbarian who carries a giant wooden mallet and if you're a shithole she gleefully beats you to death with it.

I feel very torn because some women transition later in life who have very "masculine" features and I want them to feel valid as women and to have their body type represented visually as female bodies.


Link is canonically one of the most androgynous characters in video gaming but the minute y'all see him wear female clothing to pass as a woman suddenly Link gotta be the most ripped, gotta have the most defined muscles, the most abs, the broadest shoulders.

Just say you fucking hate trans women and go to hell please.

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@ActNebbish also jadzia dax is trans

idk if that's a headcanon or just. literally canon

More queer star trek headcanons:

Geordie and Data are boyfriends

((For the record Will Riker is also an incredibly valid trans headcanon))

* Wesley once asked her of he could try on one of her dresses, and if she could please keep it a secret. This went on for a few months before he decided it wasn't really for him, but she was supportive of him the entire time. However, Wesley really liked nailpolish, and likes to wear a little bit of makeup to formal events.

* She transitioned as a very young child because gender norms in the 24th century are more open, esp. Among betazoids. she had SRS at 25, Uterine transplant (with a cloned transplant) at 32.

* Riker once received disciplinary action for assaulting a foreign delegate after he made some very venomous remarks about Troi upon learning her assigned gender. (However, his captain sympathized with him, so his discipline was "twelve minutes in the brig.")

New Trans Headcanon: Deanna Troi from Star Trek the Next Generation.

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Can we PLEASE give it up for the writers of Sabrina on Netflix for making Theo both canonically gay and trans? I'm fucking LIVING. :transgender_symbol: :two_male_symbols:

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if a trans or enby person uses electrolysis to remove unwanted hair, does that mean they're being 

In the best timeline, Kyrie served as the model for a wide genre of Christian pop music that is uplifting, inspiring, and slaps, instead of whatever the hell we got.

Kyrie by Mr. Mister is superior in every way to 99.99% of all "Christian" music.

TAZ Balance spoilers 

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URGENT: Mentally Ill Prisoners in Raleigh Prison Being Tortured.

Call to Action

16 folks incarcerated at Central Prison in Raleigh, NC are going on a hunger strike starting Monday January 20, 2020 as an act of comradery to the 200 prisoners being tortured in Unit One (a mental health unit). They need your help to make the calls on Monday, January 20th. And if you have the time thereafter, call any other day you can until their demands are met and those sixteen hunger strikers can eat again.

Starting to think the narrative of American "stupidity" is an intentional smokescreen for imperialism. "Oh Americans are so dumb they're harmless they can't do war crimes they think Chile comes in a bowl lol."

Also if you like early TAZ you're valid, I'm just glad they got so many chances to adapt the show and decided "we're gonna go back and fix stuff we're no longer happy about." Like if there's ever an argument for redactive adaptation it's Balance.

Because in a lot of fandoms it would be easy to say "they gotta be true to the source material" and I feel so blessed that this is not what we got with the graphic novels and it makes me optimistic for the TV show.

Of course if you ask me I'm going to say TAZ Balance earns all the accolades it receives, but we need to be honest: the show that they started in Here there be Gerblins is NOT the same show that ended with Story and Song.

TAZ Balance Spoilers 

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